Meet Your PTA Board


Shanyn Turner has been a member of the OCRS PTA since 2001. In addition to her current role as President, Shanyn has also held various other positions throughout her journey at OCRS. She currently has one child in 3rd grade at Old County Road School, and  has seen four other children graduate from the school, and has another heading towards kindergarten. You can send her an email at:

Vice President

Stefanie Howell is a relative newcomer to the OCRS PTA bringing fresh ideas and energy to the Vice President position. Stefanie has two children attending OCRS in the 2nd and 4th grades. You can send her an email at:

Vice President of Hospitality

Jenifer Dube  has been a memberof the Old County Road School PTA since 2006. Jen has held various positions during her time at Old county. Jen has one daughter in forth grade and a freshman and senior at Smithfield High School. Jen brings many years of expertise to the PTA as well as her infectious smile. Jen can be reached at:


Jessica Sala has been a member of the Old County Road PTA since 2011. This year marks her first experience as a PTA Board Member. Jess has one son in fifth grade and another son in kindergarten at Old County.  Jess also has a son in seventh grade at Gallagher Middle School. Jessica’s conscientious note taking and positive attitude are great qualities for the PTA.  Jessica can be reached at:


Jennifer Wholey has been a member of OCRS since moving to Smithfield in 2002.  Over the years she has volunteered on numerous committees and served as 2nd VP of Hospitality in 2014. She’s had 2 boys graduate from OCRS and is back with her youngest daughter entering Kindergarten this fall. You can email her at